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A gateway to the world outside, windows and doors can also be the greatest source of energy loss in your home and the cause of high heating and cooling bills. Upgrading or replacing these windows is one of the easiest and smartest ways to control energy costs.

What makes a window ecoSmart? Great Lakes Window ecoSmart window frames are two times more insulated than typical fiberglass insulation and offer an R-Value of 7.25 per inch** (the higher the RValue, the better the product is at resisting heat flow through a certain amount of thickness).

For maximum energy savings in windows, Great Lakes Window offers multi-pane glass options. Spaces between the panes are filled with safe and odorless argon or krypton gas that is denser than air and harder for heat and cold to pass through.

ecoSmart windows are available with Low-E coatings that reflect heat back into the room during cooler months and keep solar heat from entering the home during warmer months, while also reducing UV rays year round. In fact, research has shown that Low-E coatings can cut energy expenditures by about 25 percent over plain insulated glass.

ecoSmart products feature patented SmartCore insulation, which is evenly distributed in the insulating barrier and made up of the same materials used in many refrigerator and freezer doors.

For even stronger thermal performance, SmartCore insulation can be combined with the ecoCore optional upgrade in select profiles. ecoCore is a full composite reinforcement that is fusion welded with the window frame and sash cavities for durability and energy efficiency.

With Great Lakes Window ecoSmart, you’re guaranteed a window that is not only energy-efficient, but will maintain its strength over the years.

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