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Comfort Smart


Whether curling up on the couch for a movie or catching a midday nap, we count on our homes to provide the comfort we need to relax. The NEW ComfortSmart line from Great Lakes Window uses smart technologies to maximize indoor comfort without sacrificing beautiful design.

All ComfortSmart windows are fusion welded to create a solid, one-piece unit that maintains its strength over many years. This state-of-the-art fusion process ensures window frames and sash corners are consistent and true to form, with none of the variances found with other welding techniques. For homeowners, this translates into superior sealing against air and water infiltration.

ComfortSmart is at the forefront of technologies addressing the factors that make the biggest impact on home comfort:

  • Four-Season Comfort: ComfortSmart windows are built to resist the heat and cold. In fact, these windows meet or exceed the current standards for ENERGY STAR® Version 6.0 requirements in all 50 states. The result is a window with superior insulating ability that reduces heat and cooling costs when compared to older, drafty windows.
  • Noise Control: To keep outside noises outside, ComfortSmart sound control glass can reduce exterior noise by over 40 percent. Sound Transmission Control (STC) is a measurement of how effectively a window prevents outside noise. The higher the better. With an STC rating of up to 33*, ComfortSmart Windows rate seven points higher than the standard window score of 26 or less.
  • UV Filtering: Sunlight is welcome in any home, but what’s not welcome are solar rays that can fade furniture, carpets and curtains. Low-E coatings on ComfortSmart windows act as a sunscreen to reduce the amount of solar heat and light that can enter your home.
  • The “Smartest” Way to Insulate: The ComfortSmart line is available with SmartCore insulation, a patented technology that can almost double the insulating properties of typical fiberglass insulation. It is made of the same high-density solid-polyurethane used in many refrigerator and freezer doors.
  • A Look for Every Look-Out: Choose from a variety of window designs, glass and interior and exterior color options to suit the look of your home. Window styles include Double Hung Windows, Sliding Windows, Casement and Awning Windows, Picture and Shaped Windows, Sliding Patio Doors, Bay and Bow Windows, Garden Windows.

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